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Au-pair aus der EU

Ausländische Au-pairs aus der EU in Familien in der Schweiz


  • Umgangssprache wie in der Sprachregion
  • Au-pair-Angestellte mit anderer Umgangssprache
  • Kinder der Gastfamilie unter 16 Jahren
  • Nettolohn je nach Kanton CHF 600.– bis CHF 700.–
  • Übernahme durch die Familie der Kosten für den Sprachunterricht, Kost und Logis, Reisekosten, Sozialabgaben, Unfallversicherung, Krankenkasse, Quellensteuer und BVG
  • Alter des Au-pairs 18 bis 30 Jahre
  • Arbeitspensum des Au-pairs 5 – 6 Std. pro Tag, max. 30 Std. pro Woche
  • Anwesenheit eines Elternteils während der Hälfte der Arbeitszeit des Au-pairs
  • Dauer des Aufenthaltes max. 12 Monate (kann auf max. 24 Monate verlängert werden)

Foreign au-pairs coming from EU-countries (European Union) to families in Switzerland

Are you a young EU-citizen and would like to come to Switzerland for a one years‘ stay as an au-pair in a Swiss family with children? This would be an excellent opportunity to know more about our country, our way of life and to learn German or French.

If we have an interested family and before the definite decision, the au-pair has to come to Switzerland (on her own expense), first for an interview at the PRO FILIA office and then to visit the host family for a 2 – 3 days‘ job trial.

Requirements for the au-pair and the host family

  • Age of the au-pair 18 to 30 years
  • he mother tongue is not German (or French in the French speaking part of Switzerland) i.e not the same as the host family’s. But the au-pair should have some basic knowledge of the foreign language.
  • Working time of the au-pair is 5-6 hours per day, maximum 30 hours per week.
  • The maximum stay in Switzerland is 12 months, can be extended to 24 months.
  • German or French speaking employer family, not of the same nationality and native language as the au-pair.
  • The family has children aged below 16 years.
  • Salary as per canton CHF 500.00 to 700.00 plus full board and lodging.
  • In most cantons, the family books and pays for the language course, at least 120 hours within one year. The host family pays the social fees and all compulsory insurances and taxes.

Please contact one of the following placement offices:

to learn German:

to learn French: